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“What is the biggest mistake holidaymakers can make?”

With so much internet resources available; a lot of people these days rely on planning their holiday themselves. Due to a lack of time, most wait until the very last minute to book… and then disappointment sets in like a sudden unexpected drought in a rainforest!

“Last-Minute” booking websites have flooded the pages of Google over the last couple of years and many still believe that they will find cheap deals when booking at the very last minute. Although some accommodation venues may sell their last rooms at cheaper rates (at the last minute), you might discover that you got the ‘breadcrumbs’ and not the best deal (or value for money)! The other side of the coin is also true: The best priced rooms might be booked and only the executive suite might be available at 10 times your budget which you are ‘forced’ to book otherwise you stay home alone…

Many also belief that Travel Agents ‘pushes’ clients to book long in advance just to manage their cash flow better. Sadly although this might be true for some travel agencies, we would like to share with you our honest and sincere opinion that comes out of years of experience….

The biggest mistake holidaymakers can make is to wait until the very last minute to book accommodation, flights, etc.

The space on this page is too small to tell you of how many clients we simply could not help when (after they have tried to make a last minute online booking without any success) come to us out of desperation for help.

There were incidents where we were successful in finding the right holiday spot for them, but we would say, with last minute bookings, one has a success rate of about 5%.

Unfortunately the number of people we could not help was far more. (Belief us if we say, we really go beyond the extra mile to research and spend many hours in trying to find available accommodation).

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“So when is the best time to book?” Well, it depends on where you would like to go on holiday. If you plan to book a holiday house in Camps Bay (South Africa) during December/ January, you have to book at least 14 months in advance. If you are planning to spot some whales along the Whale Coast of South Africa, then book your accommodation at least 9 months before the time. If you would like to book a family cruise on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship and you plan to do so over the June/July period, book your cruise & flights at least 11 months prior to departure. When it comes to flights, the first seats are always the cheapest; the last seats are always the most expensive ones.

Conclusion: Advance bookings can save you a lot of money and a lot of disappointment.

Don’t make the same mistake as many people do. Plan your holidays & long weekend breaks in advance. Alternatively, choose a date in the very very low season and a destination that is not everyone’s favaroute holiday destination like Afghanistan or Somalia… (Please note: For safety and security reasons, LifeChanging Holidays will never book anyone here! )…

Where LifeChanging Holidays will not book you2

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