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Political situation in Thailand and Phuket… Should tourists be concerned?

The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) had taken over the authority of the House and the Senate for the time being.  The council’s key objectives are to ensure a reform of political, economic and social institutions in order to bring out peace and order in the country. Although some tourists and future visitors [...]

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Flying Tips, Humor, Fun and Mega Savings…

1.  Old School Flying Tips that will make you laugh! Air New Zealand’s in-flight safety video has a new face! Enjoy Golden Girl, Betty White, as she teaches her friends some new tricks!   2.  Tip 2014 nobody tells you! Book your next flight as early as possible. The first 9 seats are always the [...]

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“What is the biggest mistake holidaymakers can make?”

With so much internet resources available; a lot of people these days rely on planning their holiday themselves. Due to a lack of time, most wait until the very last minute to book… and then disappointment sets in like a sudden unexpected drought in a rainforest! “Last-Minute” booking websites have flooded the pages of Google [...]

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