If you could deliver the message at Nelson Mandela’s funeral, what would you say?

It has been an emotional couple of days with the passing away of former President, Nelson Mandela, better known as South Africa’s beloved Madiba. Some rejoice, some mourn, some is afraid and some are very positive about the future of South Africa….

It is said that Madiba’s coming funeral will be one of the biggest events that will ever take place. A multitude of various state Presidents of various countries have already confirmed their attendance.

Pause for a moment and think… Ask yourself, “If you could deliver the message at Nelson Mandela’s funeral, what would you say?”

Many things have gone through my mind, but my message will be sweet and short:

“Do yourself a Favour, Forgive…”

This to me is the greatest legacy Nelson Mandela (Madiba) has left us and we can only hope, pray and practice this to see real continuous transformation in South Africa… A lot of work still needs to be done, but it starts with Forgiveness…

It saddens me deeply that in a time such as this, many people still advocate the (what they called) benefits of “Apartheid”; making racist comments and prophesying doom… It also saddens that although “Apartheid” is banned for almost 20 years in South Africa that many people of all skin colours and races are still trapped in bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness…

So, what would I say if I had the opportunity to convey my thoughts about the title:  “Do yourself a Favour, Forgive…”?

I will simply quote or read the following article, “The Poison of Unforgiveness” by Joyce Meyer. The LifeChanging Message in this article has changed my life and I know it will change South Africa as well. If only everyone could read it….

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Nelson Mandela - Madiba - on Forgiveness

With Love,

Hennie Albertse

Co-Founder, www.LifeChanging-Holidays.com

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