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SA Public Holidays and Long Weekends in 2014

8 Possible Long Weekend & Mini Breaks awaits you in 2014!

Plan ahead & make sure you book the perfect holiday spot!

SOUTH AFRICA – Public Holidays 2014:

1 January 2014 New Year’s Day
21 March 2014 Human Rights’ Day
18 April 2014 Good Friday
21 April 2014 Family Day
27 April 2014 Freedom Day
28 April 2014 Public Holiday
1 May 2014 Workers’ Day
16 June 2014 Youth Day
9 August 2014 National Women’s Day
24 September 2014 Heritage Day
16 December 2014 Day of Reconciliation
25 December 2014 Christmas Day
26 December 2014 Day of Goodwill


SOUTH AFRICA – 8 Suggestions for Long Weekends in 2014:

  1. Friday, 21 March 2014 (Human Rights Day). A relaxing long weekend awaits you from the Friday 21st; Saturday 22nd to the Sunday 23rd of March 2014.
  2. Easter Weekend: Friday 18 April 2014 (Good Friday), Saturday 19 April; Sunday 20 April &  Monday 21 April (Family Day). A 4 day long weekend!
  3. Saturday 26st of April; Sunday 27th of April (Freedom Day) & Monday 28th of April (Public Holiday). A 3 day long weekend! (FURTHER SUGGESTION: Why not take extra leave between 22 (Tuesday) – 25 (Friday) April 2014 and have a proper mini-holiday break by combining the previous 2 long weekends!?  This is from the 18th of April to the 28th of April; 10 days in total! (And you only have to apply for 4 official working days’ leave)
  4. Thursday, the 1st of May 2014 is Workers’ Day. 4 Suggestions: (a) Take leave on 29 – 30 April and have an long weekend between 26 April to 1 May 2014 – A 6 days break! OR (b) Take leave on the 2nd of May and have a long weekend from 1 to 4 May; a 4 days break! OR (c) Combine “a” & “b” and take a break from 26 April to 4 May! This is a delightful 9 days break! OR (d) Be brave and take a break from 18 April to 4 May 2014. This is a proper 17 days holiday! The good news: Of this 17 days, you only have to ask for ±6 days leave!
  5. Monday the 16th of June 2014 is a public holiday. Long weekend of 3 days = Saturday 14th of June, Sunday 15th of June and Monday 16th of June 2013 (Youth day).
  6. Wednesday 24th September 2014 is Heritage Day. Why not take leave on 22 (Monday) – 23 (Tuesday) September OR 25 (Thursday) – 26 (Friday) September and have a 5 days long weekend!?
  7. 16 December 2014 (Day of Reconciliation) is a Tuesday, making 13 – 16 December a possible long weekend if you can take leave on Monday the 15th of December 2014.
  8. Most people take their annual leave in December and January each year. If you are not privileged to take your annual leave then, make sure to plan a 4 days mini-long-weekend break from Thursday 25 December (Christmas Day) to 28 December 2014 as Friday the 26th of December is also a public holiday (Day of Goodwill)…

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