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Travel Insurance – Southern Africa

Countries Covered:  Angola; Botswana; Lesotho; Malawi; Mozambique; Namibia; South Africa; Swaziland, Zambia & Zimbabwe…

Why is Travel Insurance to Southern Africa necessary?

  • Travelling involves a number of risks and you never know what unforeseen events might occur to hamper your journey.
  • Knowing you have insurance cover against unexpected risks, means that you can relax, have peace of mind and enjoy your journey without worrying about any negative unforeseen circumstances.
  • LifeChanging Holidays has partnered with the LEADING travel insurance company in Southern Africa who looks after travellers for years…
  • Travel Insurance can provide cover for medical and related expenses, luggage loss, journey cancellation and curtailment, personal liability and emergency assistance. Don’t depart without first purchasing your travel insurance.

LifeChanging Holidays are very serious about Travel Insurance…

  • Your holiday will definitely not be a LifeChanging Event if you do not have Travel Insurance in case of an unforeseen event occur during your stay in Southern Africa and therefore defeats the purpose of going on a LifeChanging Holiday. It is really not important to us if you buy our Travel Insurance Products or if you would like to use your own preferred supplier; what is important to us is that you HAVE sufficient travel insurance.
  • Therefore: If you book your holiday with LifeChanging Holidays, it is essential & compulsory to have Travel Insurance. If you would like to use your own travel insurance products or if you have existing travel insurance, we need to have a document copy emailed to us for our records.  If not, we advice to book your LifeSaving Travel Insurance with us.  For more info, click here
  • Life Changing Holidays strongly recommend that you read the entire policy wording to familiarise yourself with benefits, exclusions and conditions of the travel insurance you purchase.

How do I book Travel Insurance?

  • Step 1:  When you click here another window will open with more detail info on your chosen package
  • Step 2:  Click on ‘GET A QUOTE’  (Wait a few seconds…)
  • Step 3:  Enter your trip details and click on ‘PRICE UPDATE’
  • Step 4:  Click ‘BUY NOW’ & enter the rest of your details…