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Are you suffering from BURNOUT?

“We are not health care professionals, we are holiday planning specialists.  The info that follow, is sharing with you my own journey & practical experience…”
– Hennie Albertse, Co-Founder of

What is Burnout?

The following are all aspects & symptoms of “Burnout”:

Intense Stress – Depression – Physical, Emotional, and Mental Exhaustion – Chronic fatigue, feeling as if your energy levels are depleted – Being Negative and Critical – Avoid people or social activities – Irritable – A compromised immune system resulting in physical illness – Emotional Eating or other compulsive comforting mediums – Disillusionment – Frustration – Resentfulness – Suicide thoughts – Anxiety – Trouble Sleeping – Forgetfulness – Lack of concentration – Low or absent sex drive – Escape in TV viewing when not working – Unachieved deadlines & responsibilities resulting in an overwhelming feeling of guilt – Restlessness – Lack of Creativity – Little ambition and feelings of hopelessness…

It does not mean if you have an occasional “low”, you suffer from Burnout, but if most of the aspects above summarize you, then you should see “Red Lights”… Burnout is serious and should not be taken lightly. Even an early stage of Burnout should receive immediate attention; the longer you wait – the longer the recovery period.

In 2002 my warning lights went on as I was experiencing most of the symptoms explained above. I held a senior position at a Marketing & Advertising Firm trying to do 3 people’s work due to staff retrenchments. I found myself working 6-7 days a week at ridiculous hours trying to keep my boss, clients and suppliers happy. Finally my body said ‘enough is enough’ and my immune system could not take the stress any longer. It took me about 3 months (of hell!) to recover. For some it may take up to 3 years.

This section of our website is not to convince you with long list of statistics; neither to give pseudo “quick-fix” answers. It is a process and recovery should be approached holitically.

The solution?

Every person’s condition is different and should be treated differently. There are guidelines that may help you, for instance: Choosing a low impact exercise that works for you; Taking nutritional supplements, Changing your diet & choosing healthy alternatives that give you energy; Delegate (even if you are convinced that those you delegate to will not do the job as good as you can); Practice the life-saving word, ‘NO!’; to name a few, but here are the 3 most important solutions to look at:

  1. Medical Treatment: Please make an appointment with your preferred medical practitioner ASAP. Although similar in many facets you may suffer from (a) Burnout, (b) Depression, (c) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, (d) Fibromyalgia, (e) or other related conditions or a combination of ‘a-d’. The correct medical treatment, supervision & taking the right medication is of utmost importance. Your condition is NOT a “Life sentence”. Please banish any thoughts of shamefulness. Reaching out for medical help and taking the right medication, might be the smartest thing you have done this year!
  2. Vacation Therapy: If you are in the fortunate position that you employer compensates for “over-time”, insist on vacation time; not money. Even if no compensation is offered or even if you are self employed or a mom at home, take time out. For some it may mean taking a series of mini-breaks, for other it may mean taking all your anual leave and going on a vacation and for others is may mean taking a 6 – 12 month Sabbatical. Cancel your plans to feel guilty & contact us for a customized holiday to cater for YOUR SPESIFIC needs… Having the symptoms of Burnout will not really excite you to pull up your sleeves, doing research and start planning your own holiday. This is where we would love to serve you! Sit back & relax – while we do everything for you!… Click here for suggested itineraries OR here for suggested accommodation providers that is suitable for your needs…
  3. Support & Guidance: Asking for prayer, ministry & support from your spiritual community will make an enormous difference. Additionally we would advice to commit to professional counseling & coaching. Counseling deals with issues of the past; while Coaching deals with strategies for the future. If you suffer from Burnout or any of the conditions mentioned in ‘1’, a whole new ‘Lifestyle Plan’ of action is needed. One of the most valuable things I’ve learned was to make a list of (a) things that drains my energy and (b) things that energize me; one can also ask, “What are the things that fills my ‘cup’ and what are the things that drains the life out of me?”… Knowing these things and focusing on things that energize you; things that fill your cup – might be the deciding factor between life & death! To find out more about professional Life & Business Counsellors & Coaches, click here

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