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Improving staff performance…

Science proves the value of vacation:  In 2005, executives at Air New Zealand held a meeting to discuss why the North American market doesn’t make vacation a priority. They then teamed with a group of former NASA scientists at Alertness Solutions to conduct the most intensive study of travellers to date. In early 2006, analyzed data from a custom survey were distributed to 1,200 travellers from around the world. This information then provided a strong foundation as the team moved into the second phase of the project and discovered what one can actually achieve mentally and physically by taking a vacation.

Their findings were astounding!:

  1. At the end of a vacation, when employees first return from vacation, employers saw an 82% increase in their performance. Looking at a specific age group of people age 45 and older, the study showed that they had 50% better post-vacation performance in general.
  2. Employees agreed that after a vacation, they feel more energized, happy and have a higher ability to communicate with others and concentrate. More than half of survey respondents reported up to a 25% increase in happiness after a vacation and nearly the same number reported that their stress levels dropped by the same amount.
  3. Travellers received their best sleep (about 1 extra hour) the first night back from vacation. Travellers continued to get almost 20 minutes more sleep post-vacation than pre-vacation. Travellers got three times more deep sleep (rejuvenating sleep when the cells physically regenerate) after their vacation.
  4. Travellers rated their overall health more than one full point higher (on a scale from one to five) while on vacation. The data collected from the APM demonstrates that going on vacation actually lowers travellers’ heart rates by more than four percent, proving the positive physiological effects of vacationing. After vacation employees come back rested and alert – this is hard science & means fewer sick days once back at work! – Source:  Air New Zealand Vacation Gap Study

What does LifeChanging Holidays propose?

The reality is that the majority of employees follow the same rhythm: They work from 8am to 5pm (& sometimes even much later); Monday to Friday (in some cases even Saturday & Sunday); Keeping thís beat for more than 11 months of the year and only then take that “big” annual break for about ± 20 working days; … and then go back to work to start this cycle all over again…

LifeChanging Holidays would like to inspire you to let your employees dance to a different beat! Why not encourage them to take 50% of their annual leave and use it for Mini (Weekend) Breaks? We propose a lifestyle of “long-weekends”…

  • Say an employee has 20 working days’ leave a year: Encourage them to take 10 days for their regular ‘annual’ break AND save 10 working days for taking (Long) Weekend Breaks…
  • With this 10 days leave, help them to schedule 5 Long-Weekends per year, taking the Friday & Monday off.
  • This result in a 3 night/ 4 day stay or mini-holiday
  • Imagine what 5 of these a year can do for a staff member! This is apart from the regular calendar-scheduled long weekends and apart from their longer 10 working days annual leave…

You may object saying that this will result in skeleton-staff throughout the year! We disagree. We belief that if you plan it carefully, work can be spread evenly amongst the remaining staff and we also belief that when that particular staff member return from his mini-weekend break, he/she will be twice as productive than ever. We dare you to take the risk!

We would like to partner with you…

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  • We would like to encourage your to show more Appreciation in your workplace… (Watch this movie…)