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Are you living with a purpose?

Evaluate the current level of fulfillment in your life and work by taking this quiz. Rate each statement on a scale of 5 to 1 and enter your answer in the white box.  Score 5 for almost always, 4 for most of the time, 3 for sometimes, 2 for rarely, and 1 for never.

Are you living with a purpose?


I have clear goals and direction

I am clear about what my life's work really is

I know what makes me happy

I feel "on track" and "on purpose" in my day-to-day life

My work reflects my deepest values

I can express and develop my unique talent, gifts and abilities in my work.

I feel I'm making a positive contribution to others through my work

I enjoy my work

I am earning the income I desire in my work

My work environment suits my temperament and personality style

I enjoy relationships of cooperation, mutual respect, and support with my co-workers

I find purpose and meaning in my day-to-day life

I feel nourished and fulfilled in my personal & professional relationships

I wake up each morning looking forward to the day ahead

My work and life are consistent with my spiritual values

I feel I'm doing what God put me here to do

I feel good about who I am

I am comfortable with success

I am comfortable receiving love, support and pleasure

I understand my fears and the ways I hold myself back

I know how to effectively work with and move past my inner blocks